Sha Ek Net Worth (2022) | His Age, Real Name [Explained]

Another potential drill musician to emerge from the Bronx’s notorious ghetto, rapper Sha Ek is the next in a long line to make it big in rap music.

Who is this jiggy fella and how did he get into music in the first place. Well, let’s find out about Sha Ek net worth and how did he get into the music world.

Sha Ek Net Worth and Music Carrer

The Bronx has always been a hazardous neighborhood to live in, particularly as a youngster, and that hasn’t changed over time.

Sha Ek was raised in an environment where street crime and violence were commonplace. He attempted to keep himself occupied for a specific duration of time by honing his basketball abilities, but it didn’t work well.

Having lost a championship game, Sha Ek became depressed and gave up the sport entirely. With so much going on in his neighborhood, he decided to start hustling at the age of 13 to support himself financially.

From then on, Sha Ek was surrounded by violence.

This is all well and good, but now that we know the origins of Sha Ek, let’s look at how we got out of it.

At first, Sha Ek didn’t take his music profession too seriously.

When he was a kid, he and his friends would practice their freestyle on the street.

However, as the deaths started to pile up around Sha Ek and he lost more and more close friends, he realized he needed to find a way to alter things so that he didn’t end up the same.

Once his friend DJ Glizzy had brought him to the recording studio, he had no desire to ever leave beyond that moment.

Shaw used to record some of his earlier tracks under the title jiggy man before he had any kind of significant success, but those songs were never heard by anybody outside of their immediate circle.

Sha Ek was still in high school when he exploded while wearing his orange Montclair coat, and now he’s in his junior year.

Before long shotty k would also reclaim the name jiggy man by using it in the title of one of his most popular songs jiggy man this jiggy man.

 Even Sha Ek’s debut album was titled jiggy on jiggy. 

And according to a story that he shared on his Instagram account, Sha Ek signed a recording contract when he was 16 years old. 

However, things went from good to bad very fast. Fortunately for him, a few months later he negotiated a lucrative new agreement, which resulted in him receiving a large paycheck; however, he has not yet disclosed to whom he signed the deal.

Because he is aware that he would eventually have to leave the Bronx, he used part of the money that he had worked so hard to achieve to buy his mother a new house outside of the Bronx.

Now, he is diligently working on his skill while also releasing new music videos quite often.

In addition to that, he has launched his own drill label, which he has given the name original goons entertainment.

Sha Ek net worth can be estimated to be $1 to $1.5M as of 2022 as he just started gaining more fame.

If you want to listen to Sha Ek’s songs then his songs are available on apple music, Spotify, and Soundcloud as well.


In recent years, Sha Ek has become famous for his work as a rapper. In light of the fact that the rapper in question had not previously issued any albums, it is remarkable how rapidly he was successful in collecting such a large fan base in compared to other musicians working in the industry.


How old is Sha Ek?

The rapper Sha Ek is just 18 years old as of 2022.

Where is Sha Ek from?

Sha Ek is from the deadly neighborhood of Bronx, United States

What is Sha Ek real name?

Nowhere on Sha Ek’s social media platform, he has mentioned his real name for at least as well. We will update you once we come to know about it.

Who is Sha Ek signed to?

Sha Ek is signed is a pretty well-known label but that info also not yet been disclosed by Sha Ek.

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