Peter Sussman Net Worth (2022) | Bethenny Frankel’s Ex-Husband

In this article, we are going to look at a producer and actor named Peter Sussman. Peter Sussman is from NY, United States and is born in the year Apr 22nd, 1969.

Peter Sussman is not a great well-known person but he is known for some of his good movies and also Peter became more noted when he married to Bethenny Frankel who is quite famous in the united states for her acting career.

As of 2022, peter Sussman is 53 years old and doing pretty good. Keep reading as we discuss Peter Sussman and about this career.

Peter Sussman Net Worth (2022)

Peter Sussman is an executive movie producer and is well known for being the executive producer of the movie named how to rob a bank and how to make it in America.

Not much is really discussed about peter Sussman as he isn’t known by many people. But Peter Sussman married Bethenny Frankel and everyone started searching for him and getting to know who he is.

It was during the 90s when Peter Sussman and Bethenny Frankel met each other and had their friendship going for almost 5 years and then finally they thought to turn their friendship into love so both Sussman and Frankel got married in the year 1996.

But that didn’t quite go well with the couple and peter and Bethenny decided to get divorced just after 1 year of marriage.

Speaking of Peter Sussman net worth, he has made quite a name for himself and his net worth would be in the range of $5M.

The Bottom Line!

Peter Sussman might not be that famous but he has done pretty good work to the field of the acting world by producing some cool movies.

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