Isaiah Garza Net Worth (2022) | Jewelry Designer From Los Angeles

Isaiah Garza who is known for his jewelry design is also a YouTuber, Tiktoker, and social media influencer.

The 32-year-old Isaiah Garza is Mexican American and is born on 27th May, 1990. Isaiah Garza is currently an American nationality and his birthplace is Yakima, Washington.

Let’s find out Isaiah Garza net worth and how he became famous.

Isaiah Garza Net Worth (2022)

Isaiah Garza had an artist mindset since he was a kid and always participated in some kind of creative competitions during his school time.

Isaiah Garza studied Fashion and marketing at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Los Angeles, California.

Even though Isaiah Garza dint study fashion design or in particular jewelry design during his college he still made it big in the fashion industry.

Isaiah Garza got the limelight when he did something really good to the humanitarian which got him noticed and many top news publications wrote about him in their magazines.

Some of the top publications that featured Isaiah Garza include vogue, Forbes, teen vogue, Elle, etc.

Notably, Isaiah Garza’s jewelry designs are so popular that the jewelry made by him is worn by some of the top celebrities including Rihanna, Salena Gomez, Cardi B, etc.

Speaking of Isaiah Garza net worth, sources estimate that it would be in the range of $1M to $1.5M as of 2022.

Isaiah Garza is still continuing to do the humanitarian work for the homeless and needed people as you can see in a lot of posts on his instagram handle.

On instagram, Isaiah Garza has 512K followers and keeps posting some good stuff every now and then.

Isaiah Garza became famous mainly because of his TikTok videos and yes he has got a huge following on TikTok with 7.5M people following him as of today.

Isaiah Garza also has a youtube channel where he uploads only youtube shorts and those videos are basically redistributed content from his TikTok account but still he got 1.1M subscribers to his channel.


A person like Isaiah Garza is indeed needed in this greedy world who not only does business and makes money but also tries his best to make people smile by contributing to them in some or the other way!


How Much Is Isaiah Garza Worth?

Isaiah Garza is estimated to be worth more than $1M.

How Old Is Isaiah Garza?

As of 2022, Isaiah Garza is 32 years old.

Where Does Isaiah Garza Live?

Isaiah Garza lives in Los Angeles, United States

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