Hawthorne James Net Worth (2022) | Actor and Producer

Hawthorne James is an American actor who has appeared in a number of films and television series. He has also worked as a director and if you remember the film The Five Heartbeats then in that film he played the role as Big Red Davis.

Hawthorne James is from the city of Chicago and his father’s name is Robert Hawthorne and his mother’s name is A. M. Alene.

So without wasting time, let’s find out Hawthorne James net worth and his acting career.

Hawthorne James Net Worth and Career (2022)

From a young age, Hawthorne James was interested in movies and theatres and he wanted to continue his career in the same field.

So for that reason, Hawthorne James even got a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Theater from Note Dame University and from the University of Michigan.

Later Hawthorne James with his knowledge of Theater he started teaching theater to the students of Illinois State University.

Other than his theater degrees, Hawthorne James also studed further at London Shakespeare Academy.

Hawthorne James is very well known for his movies such as Heavens prisoners, se7en, and speed.

Hawthorne is actively working in the film industry since 1979 and he is even working in 2022. So looking at his long working career we can expect Hawthorne James net worth to be at least $10M.

If you watched the movie speed then in that movie the sam character is played by Mr. Hawthorne James.

Hawthorne James movies are available on amazon prime if you wish to watch his movies such as speed and heavens prisoners.

Final Thoughts!

That’s all we have now about Hawthorne James. We hope you got to know how much Hawthorne James earns and what is his estimated net worth.

We hope Hawthorne James has got many more years left in his career and produces and acts in many more films in the upcoming future.

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