Haertetest Net Worth (2022) | The Crash Test YouTube Channel

Today we are going to discuss about a youtube channel that will blow your mind. Yes, Haertetest is a german based youtube channel.

Keep reading as we discuss the Haertetest net worth and what this youtube channel actually does!

Haertetest Net Worth (2022)

So, as we already mentioned Haertetest is a youtube channel that was established on the year 6th Sept 2011.

Yes, it’s been more than 11 years for the Haertetest youtube channel and it’s been running successfully even in 2022.

So what Haertetest youtube channel does is that they just destroy things. Yes, that’s right. You read it correctly.

As mentioned in the banner of the Haertetest channel, they do crash tests with their car. They keep different items in front of the car tire (back tire) and destroy the things by running the car over them!

They do a lot of experiments by keeping different things in front of the car tire and try to destroy them. As I was watching some of their videos they keep items such as balloons, bottles, food items, eggs, watermelon, or anything for that matter, you name it!

Man, tell you what those videos are so much satisfying to watch, and once you start watching one of their videos you’ll end up watching many more of their videos because it would soo tempting to watch what’s gonna happen with this!

And if you are wondering how many subscribers Haertetest youtube channel has then they have a whopping 19.9M subscribers and nearing 20M very soon!

The Haertetest youtube channel is ranking number 1 in the german country and is ranking in 6th position for the tech niche youtube channels!

When writing this article, the Haertetest youtube channel had uploaded 1,117 videos to date and had received 2.9B video views!

And according to a few youtube channel earning calculators, Haertetest youtube channel would be earning anything in the range of $90K to $115K every single month!

Haertetest has been uploading videos for a decade and we can estimate Haertetest net worth would be in the range of $8 to $10M.

And if you can check Haertetest’s youtube channel you’ll see that they upload a new video every single day and each video approximately receives views in the range of 30K to 35K.

Haertetest videos are not lengthy at all and all their videos are in the range of 90 to 120 seconds. And nobody knows who is the person or team behind this youtube channel.

It looks like the Haertetest youtube channel is managed by just 2 people. Apart from the youtube channel, Haertetest also has an instagram page where the person does iPhone giveaways and sponsorships!

If you were brainstorming about starting a youtube channel then Haertetest youtube can get you some ideas for starting your own channel. 

Because in Haertetest’s youtube channel the person behind it doesn’t show their face nor does he talk and is just a plain without music 2 mins simple crushing video!

The Bottom Line!

Warning! If you are going to check out Haertetest’s youtube channel then you would end up watching so many of their videos and waste a lot of your precious time! Because it’s kind of like makes you want to watch more videos!

What we can learn from the Haertetest YT channel is that there is business and money to be made without even speaking and showing your face!

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