Chris Cole Net Worth (2022) | Skateboarder From the United States

Chris Cole is a professional skateboarder from the united states. Chris Cole was born in North Carolina on March 10th, 1982 and as of 2022, Chris Cole is 40 years old.

Chris Cole’s birth name is James Cole and he is also known as cobra because of his skateboarding abilities.

This article will look into Chris Cole net worth and his life as a skateboarder.

Chris Cole Net Worth (2022)

Chris Cole skating at an early age when he was just 9 years old. Being a teen he used to showcase his tricks in the streets and perform difficult tasks that got the public attention.

Chris Cole knew he had very skills in skateboarding so he made up his mind to move his career in the skateboarding field.

Chris Cole started performing in various skateboard events and emerged as the top performer and won several medals.

Since then, he has acquired international popularity and has won various prizes, including 3 gold medals in the American X Games.

Chris Cole has been in practicing and performing skateboarding for several years and in the meantime, Chris has been winning events and doing sponsorships for various brands.

Speaking of the overall net worth of Chris Cole, it must be around $10M. Other than Chris Cole net worth from his skating, he is also into the business world as well.

Chris Cole has been involved with skateboarding companies like clothing and accessories. Chris Cole is also partnered with various brands and acts as an ambassador for several footwear companies.

Now coming to Chris Cole’s personal life, yes he has been married and even has 2 kids: a daughter and a son.


Those who have a love for skating very well know about Chris Cole and his achievements. Skating ain’t easy and is definitely not for the ones who cannot take risks in life and is kind of a dangerous play.

If you don’t know what you are doing then you might end up hurting yourself but chiris cole was talented in skateboarding and made a big name for himself in the skating world!

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