Cathy Bulgakova Bio | Dancer and Twerking Star

Cathy Bulgakova is a Ukrainian instagram model, and dancer and she is widely known for her amazing twerks.

Bulgakova was born in Dnipro, Ukraine. She began dancing at the age of five. Born on July 31st, 1997, Cathy Bulgakova is 24 years old as of 2022.

In short, Cathy Bulgakova is also known as Katya.

Keep reading as we discuss Cathy Bulgakova’s bio, what she does, and her rise to fame.

Cathy Bulgakova Bio

Bulgakova is also an accomplished solo dancer. She has won numerous competitions and has been featured in several dance publications.

Now let’s have a look at Cathy Bulgakova’s instagram profile because Cathy mainly became famous because of her instagram account.

Cathy Bulgakova’s instagram account currently has 329K followers and is actively posting her twerking videos and photos on Instagram to impress her instagram audience and to get more followers.

Most of the Cathy Bulgakova’s Instagram photos and videos are related to twerks and fitness stuff and mainly she concentrates more on her booty fitness.

Cathy Bulgakova’s instagram posts get a lot of engagement because people just love her twerking videos.

Now Cathy Bulgakova is also actively going to the gym and lifts weights to better her fitness and butt.

Cathy Bulgakova is also active on TikTok with 8K+ followers and even on TikTok she posts videos of her butt fitness and twerking.

Cathy Bulgakova has an account on Patreon too where she uploads some stripe dance choreographies and her photoshoot content but she charges money to view her content starting from $3 per month.

Cathy is on youtube as well with more than 10K followers and on that platform too Cathy uploads twerk, dance, and workout videos.

 Cathy Bulgakova’s booty videos are loved by people soo much that there is also a subreddit of her with the name r/CathyB_ooty.

Cathy Bulgakova is not Onlyfans platform yet and we shall let you know if she ever joins Onlyfans


Cathy Bulgakova is a young and beautiful dance and instagram model.  Cathy is indeed a growing talent and she loves her body fitness and especially her booty.

We hope you enjoyed this article about Cathy Bulgakova’s bio. When we get more updated info on Cathy we shall update you here in this article!

Quick FAQs

Who is Cathy Bulgakova?

Cathy Bulgakova is a growing sensation on instagram and social media, best known for her lovely twerks.

What is the age of Cathy Bulgakova?

Cathy Bulgakova’s age is 24 years.

Cathy Bulgakova on OnlyFans?

Don’t get fooled because Cathy Bulgakova isn’t on OnlyFans yet!

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