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There are many celebrity hairstylists and out of those one of the popular hairstylists is Arrogant Tae.

Popular American rapper Nicky Minaj was the client of Arrogant Tae and he became famous after that.

Arrogant Tae whose real name is Dionte Gray is born on 11th Mar 1995 and his birthplace is Chicago where he was raised by his family.

As of 2022, Arrogant Tae is 27 years old. Keep reading as we discuss more on Arrogant Tae net worth and his success.

Arrogant Tae net worth (2022)

It is estimated that as of 2022, Mr. Arrogant Tae net worth would be around $2 to $3M. So how did Arrogant Tae find his love for hair. Well, let’s find out!

Tae says that his childhood environment was surrounded by ladies and he fell in love with their hair. 

Moreover, most of the family members of Arrogant Tae were hairdressers and he used to visit their salons often when he was a kid and watch them do their hair magic.

Notably, Arrogant Tae was just around 11 years when he started working on his passion by doing hair for his cousins and other closely related people.

Speaking of Arrogant Tae education, he is graduated from Paul Mitchell School where he had studied professional hair styling and razor cuts.

After completing his graduation, Arrogant wanted to pursue a career in hairstyling no matter what it take so he started working in a hair salon but Tae always knew he was meant for a bigger meal.

As his dream was to style the hair for the popular celebrities in the united states so he left the hair salon job and went to Atlanta with $1000 in his pocket.

His dream of becoming a popular hairstylist dint come easy for Arrogant Tae as in the initial days he had to struggle a lot in Atlanta doing outbound marketing and looking for people to come to him.

Eventually, he started gaining traction, and one fine day Arrogant Tae got this first celebrity client and he was over the moon feeling that his dreams are finally coming into reality.

That was the start and since then Arrogant Tae has worked with numerous top celebrities and did their hair including Ariana Fletcher, Nicky Minaj and Jayda Cheaves are a few to name.

Celebrity hairstyling comes with a premium cost and it won’t be a surprise if Arrogant Tae’s net worth is even more than what we have mentioned.

Arrogant Tae Relationships

Well, there are no talks on Arrogant Tae’s relationship status as many think he is probably single. 

Because Arrogant Tae hasn’t seen with any girl or hasn’t posted a pic with any girl on his IG or Twitter so we believe Arrogant Tae is single but who knows Tae might have a secret relationship that he doesn’t reveal in public.

Arrogant Tae also has 7 siblings and he is being the eldest of all those.

Arrogant Tae – Social Media Presence

Arrogant Tae is not just a hairstylist but he also has a massive following on social media, especially on instagram. On instagram, Arrogant Tae has unbelievable 2.4M followers and he has uploaded more than 22K posts on his profile.

Other than instagram, Arrogant Tae also has accounts on facebook, TikTok, Twitter, and youtube. Arrogant Tae started his youtube channel recently in the year 2019 but has uploaded only 3 videos to date.


Arrogant Tae has come a long way in his journey to become a well-known celebrity hairstylist. Arrogant Tae is extremely talented and even though his prices can be expensive, he does what he does!

Have you ever had hair styling with Arrogant Tae? Let us know in the comments about your experience!


How Much Arrogant Tae Worth?

Arrogant Tae is worth more than $2M

What Are Arrogant Tae Prices?

Arrogant Tae prices vary depending on what kind of styling you need.

When Was Arrogant Tae Born?

Arrogant Tae was born on 11th March, 95.

Where Does Arrogant Tae Live?

Arrogant Tae lives in Atlanta as of now.

How Did Arrogant Tae Became Famous?

Arrogant Tae became famous for styling the hair of celebrities

Why Did Arrogant Tae Delete Instagram?

There were rumors that Arrogant Tae had deleted his instagram but no he still has his instagram account.

Why Did Nicki Fire Arrogant Tae?

Nicki Minaj fired arrogant Tae because Tae wasn’t available when she needed him

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